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Coin Thru Nose by Tyler Sutter


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"Coin Thru Nose is the most believable yet incredible piece of geek magic you can do!"
- Anton James 

Are you ready for something truly shocking.

A coin is marked for identification, paced on the tongue, swallowed, and moments later, to your audiences shock and delight, the coin is pulled right out of your nose!

First Tyler Sutter of the 20 Penny Circus shares with you his perfected stand up handling, staging, and routine that he has used hundreds of times on the largest stages at some of the largest entertainment venues in the world.

Then Lonnie Lyerla will show you additional handlings that are perfect for close up situations, including a killer vanish.

These effects are so good that your audience will not know that they are only an illusion.

The most believable yet incredible piece of geek magic you can do, this is Coin Thru Nose! 

Simple and shocking to do.

In their face handling for Close Up.

Packs small plays big stand up handling.


Set of Malam Playing Cards (Deluxe & Standard)

Malam Playing Cards


while stocks last

SIN$29.90 Only!

Pls Note: You are buying 1 Malam Playing Cards (Deluxe) & 1 Malam Playing Cards (Standard)

A deck of playing cards inspired by the Native American's. Gaming has been apart of the Native American culture since the beginning of its time.

The Chumash people often played two styles of games, one involving chance, and the other skill. The ancestors of the Chumash often would even place bets on the outcomes of these games as well.

Each village had a special area in which these games were played, they called it Malamtepupi.

With this in mind we have shortened the name to Malam, and merged it with one of the most notorious items used in the current age of gaming and created Malam Playing Cards.

The Gold Foil Box.

Spades Sample

Hearts Sample









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