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Magic Castle (Delivery)
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Magic Castle (Delivery)
Price per Unit (piece): SGD20.00

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$20 Delivery Charge

Too busy to drop by the shop to collect your reserved products? Want to get your hands on the latest products immediately? Then to your house or destination delivery may be the right choice for you. 

Send your delivery orders (everything including DECKS) via Whatsapp to William and you will receive them on every Thursday or Friday (if Thursday is a public holiday).

Day Ordered

Cut-off time

Expected time for collection

Monday to Sunday

2pm on Wednesday

6pm to 10pm

Every Thursday or Friday (if Thursday is a Public Holiday)

The delivery person will send the orders to your doorstep on the same day that you sent the order to us.

This delivery service is only $20 for any products (everything including DECKS). Even if it is for 1 product, 5 products or even 20 products. Yes, all these can be sent to you for $20!

The purpose of this service is to assist our members:

Convenience. You just need to send a Whatsapp message to William to confirm the orders. It’s that simple!

Affordable. Delivery for a flat fee of $20. Deliver any product, any quantity. 

This delivery is strictly for members only.

For more questions and details, please read the FAQ below first. If the FAQ does not answer your question, consult us during operating hours.


What is delivery?

It means that if you got a confirmed order (everything including DECKS) via sms before 5pm by every Thursday, you get your products at your doorstep between 6 pm to 9 pm on the same day on Thursday.

The “same day” delivery is meant for members only. Only orders via sms from members will be entertained.

Please send all enquires, reservations and delivery request to William via Whatsapp: 9689 1417.


How do I made an order for the delivery?

Send a Whatsapp message to William. In the message, please type:

“ (Your member no.). Delivery. My orders are: (your orders)”

Upon receiving the sms, we will reply you with a confirmation sms before 5pm (Monday to Saturday). 


I have signed up for “yearly membership” or “deck membership”. Can I register for this service?

Yes, you can. As long as your membership is still valid from the date you signed up with us, you can use this service.


What are the charges?

You pay an additional $20 on top of your total amount. This applies for any order (everything including DECKS).

If you buy a deck for $8 at member price and you want the delivery, you will pay an additional $20. This means the total will be $28.

If you intend to buy 20 different products worth of decks and magic products worth $200, you only need to pay an additional $20. This means the total will be $220.


How do I make the payment?

We only accept cash payment. 

That means when your products (everything including DECKS) reach your doorstep, you pay in cash. 


Can I decide what time the delivery man comes to my place?

We do have a lot of orders to process and deliver on the same day. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact time when your products will reach your doorstep.

To be on the safe side, your products should reach between 6 pm to 10 pm Every Thursday or Friday (if Thursday is a Public Holiday).  


Can another person made the payment and collect on my behalf at the stated address?

Yes you can.

So, you just need to ensure that someone at your house is ready to make the payment and collect the products on your behalf within the allocated delivery time.


Can my parents/siblings/grandparents/friends/spouse make the payment or collect the products on my behalf?

Yes, they can. As long as we reach your destination with the address provided, anyone can make the payment and collect the product on your behalf.


What happen when you send the products to my house and nobody is at home?

We will cancel your order and deactivate your membership (reactivation of membership is $30). Therefore, please ensure that someone is at home to assist to make the payment and collect your order.


Can I cancel my orders?

All orders cannot be cancelled. If the order has been placed, we will send the products to you on the same day.

Do note that all orders cannot be changed or cancelled. Therefore, please think carefully before you confirm the delivery.


What happen if I order 3 products and one of them is not in store?

If this case do happen, you will be notified via sms. You will have a few options:

a) Send the 2 products to your home first and pay for the $20 delivery. When the 3rd product is available in the store for delivery, you will pay another $20 for the delivery.

b) Wait for the 3rd product to arrive and send all the 3 products to you at a later date. The date will be arranged again. Do note that when the 3rd product is in stock, you have a maximum of 10 days to arrange for the delivery to be made to your house.

c) You can cancel the product that is not in stock. We can send the 2 products to your home and you pay for the $20 delivery.


What else can the delivery do for me?

For store credit, store cash and cashback, you are required to pay $20 for the delivery person to come to your house to collect your magic products.

You will be requested to fill in a form. Once the form is completed, please wait 1 to 2 days for your products to be uploaded on the website.

If the products are going to be sold for store credit or store cash, we will acknowledge that we have received your products and will upload them accordingly.

If the products are cashback, we will counter offer you the price provided. If you are satisfied with the price, we will put the cash aside for you. Otherwise, you have an option to put your products for store credit or store cash. 


Can you deliver the used products to me?

You just need to pay an additional $20 for the products. We can deliver the used products to you.


I got some cash that I got from the cashback. I do not have time to go down. Can you send the money to me?

Yes we can. We will automatically deduct $20 from your balance and send the amount to you via cash.

We will not entertain any request for the cash to be transferred to you online via bank transfer or paypal. 


Can I use my store credit or store cash to offset the $20 delivery?

Yes you can. We will deduct the $20 from your store credit or store cash. 


Can you return the products that do not meet my price for cashback?

Yes you can. You just need to pay $20 for the delivery person to go to your place and return the products to you.


Can I change my confirmed delivery orders to reservations?

If all products that you ordered are in stock, you cannot change your status of the products to reservations.

However, you can arrange for another date for the delivery person to make the delivery for you before the cut off time on the respective day - Thursday or Friday (if Thursday is a Public Holiday).


I wish to reject the product that are sent to me due to some knocks to my products. Can I change them?

All products will be packaged with maximum protection. However, due to traffic and weather conditions, minor problems may still arise. Magic Castle and the delivery person will not be liable for this.

If you want a perfect and pristine condition of the product, please made a trip personally down to our retail shop to collect your products.


I ordered the wrong product. Can I change the order?

All orders cannot be changed. Please check all your products carefully before making the order.


Can I postpone the order to the next delivery date?

Yes, you can. An extra $10 will be charged. Thus, you will pay a total of $30 for delivery charges. If you change the delivery for the third time, we will not hesitate to deactivate your membership. 


Can I add in other products before the cut off delivery time at 3pm from Monday to Sunday?

Yes, you can. If the products are in stock, we will add them to your order. And the delivery charges will still be the same at $20.

If the additional products you request are not in stock, we will not add them to your current order. And we will still proceed to send the order to you on that day you ordered.


If I have reserved the products and they are not here, can I request them to be sent to me on the same day the products are in stock?

Yes, you can.

Currently I have some reserved products and I have no time to collect in the shop, can I use the delivery?

Yes, you can.

Is there a minimum order to use the delivery?

No. You can just order for a product and ask for it to be delivered to your house. You just need to pay an additional $20 for the delivery. Otherwise, you can order more and pay for a flat fee of $20 per delivery.

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