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Woman's Revolution
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Woman's Revolution
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What an unusual and artistic looking prop! Assistant climbs up steps to squeeze into a tiny box. (She cannot even stand up to full height.) Cabinet doors are secured. Two solid blades are inserted through the middle, while Assistant's foot and hand are wiggling visibly in the bottom half of the box. Magician removes stairs and pushes them aside.

He proceeds to push the top half of the box over to the left. Most illusions would stop here, and the trick would have to be undone (reversed) to restore the girl. Not this illusion! Blinds fly open automatically to reveal the Assistant's head, other hand, (and torso inside the small upper half of the cabinet). Instead of ending, here is where the real fun begins!

The Magician takes the head box, and pulls it around the oval track, hanging the poor Assistant's upper torso upside down. (It's pure magic how her head does not fall out!)

She can scream all she wants, he will hang her head upside down under her own foot! A most bizarre looking and unexpected spectacle! (The audience screams along!)

The roller-coaster ride goes a full revolution. Magician pulls the girl's upper torso all the way around the rest of her body. But wicked as he is, he is intent on tormenting her further: he does not stop when the two halves are aligned; he pushes her head to the left side again. By this time the girl will have had enough, and she decides to take matters into her own hands! She reaches out with her left hand, grabs on to her right hand, and pulls herself together! Blades are removed, staircase is re-attached for her triumphant re-appearance in whole.

A very entertaining illusion, which is extremely baffling, deceptive, and completely surroundable. Although this illusion seems potentially dangerous to do, several safety devices have been incorporated into the design for the protection of the performers.

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