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Secret Vol. 2 Ponta the Smith by Tokyo Magic CarnivalNeoMix by Jim Krenz

Secret Vol. 1 Ars-Takeshi Taniguchi by Tokyo Magic Carnival
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Secret Vol. 1 Ars-Takeshi Taniguchi by Tokyo Magic Carnival
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Stunning magic effects performed with only a regular deck of cards!

"Ars" means "technique" in Latin. Ars's performing style and his card techniques are sophisticated and powerful. Yet, they are direct and easy to follow.

This DVD contains 5 of his most visual and popular effects. Each were carefully crafted as a result of his stoic commitment to research, as well as a lifetime dedication to his craft.

His sensational techniques are recorded by a high-speed camera -- this makes the most advanced controls easy to follow. You will see Ars teach detailed explanations for his basic card techniques such as The One-handed Double Lift and The False Shuffle.

Also included are practical techniques such as card flourishes and the basics for controlling your cards.



A simultaneous and continuous change between 2 cards

Ars's one-hand color change is taught in full detail

For the FIRST TIME Ars will present his version of the "one-handed double lift"

See how this can be applied to any Ambitious Card routine


An Oil and Water Magic Trick using 3 red cards and 3 black cards

A visual magic effect using an approach that no one has ever used before!


2 freely chosen cards are found to be sandwiched between 4 Jacks

A surprisingly simple technique with all of the details


An extremely visual and Ambitious Card routine

From somewhere in the middle of a deck, a playing card returns to the top of the deck in the most surprising of ways

Finally, the card visually rises to the top... FACE UP!

Cards Across

An amount of cards disappears from one pile and reappears in a second pile which someone else is holding

A shocking climax awaits at the end



Ars Control

Top control bottom control

One-handed double lift

False Shuffle

Overhand Shuffle

Riffle Shuffle


False Flourish (first time released)

Cascade A/Cascade B


Magic Session: Ars and Shimpei Katsuragawa

A discussion on magic theory and technique

Language: Japanese, and dubbed in English

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