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Once reserved mainly for professional magicians, backdrop rentals having become increasingly common.  The reasons people rent backdrops are as varied depending on the event and venue. Magic Castle Singapore provides rental of magic show backdrop services and here's the top 3 reasons why you should rent from us:

  1. With a magic show backdrop behind you, not only you look more professional, you will also feel more confident and provides you a unique stage persona. Getting spectator's response and thunderous clapping will be so much easier.
  2. If you haven't had a good range of magic stage props, you may be more concerned about how you can improve your performance through other aspects. They say that first impressions are everything, so why not perform with a professional backdrop at the back? This will make a great first impression for your clients.
  3. Though many people don’t own backdrops, almost everyone needs to perform at big important events from time to time. The rental cost of a backdrop is so much more cost effective than purchasing one.

If you are interested or want to find out more about the rental of magic show backdrops, do drop by our physical store for more assistance.



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A) "Red Theater Curtain" Portable Backdrop

Turn any space into a theater venue with a portable "Red Theater Curtain" backdrop system that comes complete with a self-contained frame for fast set-up.

Backdrop System Includes:

- Printed "Red Theater" Curtain
- Collapsible Backdrop Frame
- Blackout Liner
- Carry Bag


Make a professional, lasting impression on your client (and audience) by instantly tranforming any performing space into a theater.

The "Red Theater Curtain" has so much more detail than typical hanging velour or velvet drape material. The high resolution image has a beautifully draped red theater curtain, with the sides pulled back to help frame your performance. A bit of wooden stage floor on the bottom helps to complete the illusion of a portable stage. It is eye-catching, modern, and guaranteed to impress both your client and your audience.

The design of this backdrop fits with so many uses. The creative possiblities are endless for anyone who is looking to add a theatrical touch to any space. The "Red Theater Curtain" portable backdrop system is completely self-contained, which allows for fast and easy set-up in any indoor venue. The set includes the printed fabric backdrop curtain, expanding frame, and a detachable polyester blackout liner to help prevent shadows in situations where there is bright light behind the backdrop.

The theater can be set-up by one person in about 2 minutes without tools or parts to assemble. There are no large and time consuming pipe and drape configurations to worry about, and no tripods to trip over. The completed backdrop is a sleek, self-contained unit that takes up less than a 12" deep footprint on the floor.

The portable backdrop set includes our standard backdrop frame, which is the lightest and most compact fabric popup display frame available. The structure of the expanding frame is anodized aluminum that has been powder coated black for a professional finish in theatrical and venue applications.

Your ultra-portable backdrop will be printed on our professional poly-blend theatrical fabric. It is the same durable material that is in scenic design in some of the world's top touring shows, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions. The full color, dye sublimation printing provides the best color reproduction and high resolution images available in the fabric printing industry. The printing is waterproof, fade resistant, and any wrinkles quickly fall out of the fabric, so your display always looks the best.

The material has a matte finish, so there is no worry about glare from stage lights or camera flashes. The "Red Theater Curtain" design is part of the Showbiz Series of modern style backgrounds for entertainers, theatrical productions, venues, and events.



B) LED DJ Backdrop

System Our Magic Backdrop 30 second set-up system will be the perfect addition to your traveling entertainment needs.

With our above industry standards, we continue to strive in excellence with the reputation that performers around the world have grown to appreciate and love.


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