not sure how to Progress?


by the number of tricks and tutorials you watched on YouTube?


by the not-so-clear instructions in books and videos?


of whether you have deceptively executed a sleight of hand or presented an effect?

Join us to get fast results!

Powerful Card Magic

Specially curated easy-to-do effects to create a strong impression and get reactions! We mined our library for the strongest materials. 

Clear Teaching

Stop spending precious time to rewind videos and wondering if things are right. Experience live teaching from our instructors and get instant feedback.

Maximize Reactions

Learn techniques to make your performance natural and to create an intimate atmosphere with strangers.

Not Just COol Moves

Our workshops are not just about cool moves although you will learn many of them. It is about acquiring new skills and tools to become confident around people. It is about creating a window and accessing your audience's primitive emotion of wonder. You have to experience it live and you will want to do it!

Make people open up

Life is tough and people do want to escape from reality. When you perform magic, you suspend belief and create amazement. You, literally, make people enter a new dimension when interacting with you.

max impact with a few moves

We know you don't have time to practise a lot and want the fastest results. We studied the volumes of magic books and videos so that you don't have to. And we discovered that you can do lots of amazing stuff with a few simple card moves. Sorry, we don't teach tricks like lying cards in rows and columns to find the card chosen by your audience. These are professional level effects and moves which are used in the industry. 

High-value Workshop starts from $25

Earn Rewards!