Important Life Skills

Do you want Your child to acquire...


Focus and Self-control

Achieve more in a noisy and distraction-filled world.



Thinking about another point-of-view.



Be able to conduct high-touch personal interaction.


Make Connections

See patterns among seemingly disparate objects.


Critical Thinking

Analyze problems and challenge assumptions.


Taking on Challenges

Courageous in the face of demanding tasks.


Self-directed and Engaged Learning

Aware and independently seek out ways to achieve learning objectives.

I know the struggles... 

"Emma, do you know how important focus is? Do you know how important staying focus during reading is important for your future?"

She stares at me blankly.

"Well, let me tell you. No matter what you do you'll need to understand what you read and convey a clear thought in writing and speaking. These things matter!" 

Some days, she continues to stare at me blankly. On others, she quickly responds with a "YES, Ok. OK!" in that exasperated voice of hers that conveys she'll agree with whatever I say just to keep me from launching into more nagging and lecturing. 

No matter how much I harp, nothing I say seems to get through.

Here's what I've found out -

It is more effective to empower them to carry through their plan. 

And it is important that we give our children the tools to have success especially in the areas we are tempted to nag over the most.

I realize children are born scientists who are endlessly curious about their world. 

And I thought...

While curiosity can act as a driver for learning, the seven life skills (as mentioned above) are "how to learn" skills. And they can be developed through intentional structured activities. Also, magic is mysteries and wonders; and all of us are curious about how magic works.  

I connected the dots! Magic can be a good medium to teach and transfer life skills. And I began to give magic lessons to my children.

I went away with some lessons too...

Slow things down

Quiet, sensory activities (like magic) can create an environment for a child to practise the skill of focus.

Discuss the magic effect

Talk about how the performance will look like from the audience perspective. 

Consider what to say

Explain to the audience what is happening and how they should be involved.

Tell a story with magic

Exercise the kid's creativity to form connections with stories they know. 

Don't reveal the secret too soon

Let the child consider the unobserved and come up with some possibilities on how the effect could be achieved. 

Persistence is a virtue

We can't get most things right the first time; the same is for magic. Always encourage the child to persist in the face of difficult sleight of hand.

Programme Features


Designed by Expert Team

Our expert team consists of working magicians, parents and school teachers.


Tried and Tested

Many young participants have enjoyed and benefitted from the programme.


Dedicated Follow-up

We want your child to be a confident performer and we'll provide the necessary post-programme support.

An exciting introduction to the world of magic. Students learn a variety of magical effects with a magic wand, rope, coins, bills, rings, rubber bands and much more. They will learn to read minds, make objects float and restore broken items.

Exhilaration of Wonder

A focus on the incredible part in making magic happen.

Entertaining Performer

Learn the mindset and values of an effective performer.

Learn Principles

Tricks do not transfer; principles do. Learn principles for application beyond the tricks.

Build a Positive Self-image

New-found skills to amaze and amuse can bring about positive attitude to life

Persistence in Practice

Improves hand-eye coordination, concentration, focus, timing and rhythm.

Train the Memory

Activate the mind to remember and recall steps in a trick or a multi-trick routine.

Earn Rewards!