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The Magic Castle Membership qualifies you for the lowest possible price for magic items on the market. The discount ranges from 5% to as much as 25% off the listed price. Most playing cards will be $2 off the listed price. Enjoy special member-only sales event for up to 50% off regular price!

This is a lifetime membership with no recurring fees.

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Other benefits:
  1. Sell playing cards with us. We can help you sell your playing cards and you get cash! And we only take $1 from the sale of any deck.
  2. Sell DVDs or Props. You can sell your DVDs or props and get cash! We take 10% from the sale of any DVD or Props you put in the used product section.
  3. Props Usage. You can use stage props for a small fee.
  4. Instalment. Get your dream tricks or decks with affordable monthly instalments.
  5. Option to Buy. Gain more knowledge from the latest magic tricks before purchase.
  6. Referral Program. Get a referral fee when you referred a friend to sign a membership or magic course.
  7. Collection period. As a gold member, you have 30 days to collect your products. A great amount of time to pick up your reserved or ordered products!
  8. Member Prices. We absorbed the shipping cost and provide the best price.
  9. Delivery. $5 delivery charge instead of $10 for delivery fees.
  10. Reservation system. Priority to reserve/pre-order products prior to actual release date. You can reserve any products or decks by sending a message to us. It is that simple.
  11. Transfer of Ownership. You can transfer the lifetime membership to your friend for $35. Ask your friend to come down to the store with your card and we will transfer the card to his or her name.
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