Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica- #3

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Effects Included:- Piano Matches- Vanishing Comb- Mind Reading- Double Drawer Matches- Dropped Box Matches- Broken and Restored Band- Two-Match Transfer- Bill to Matches- Chink-a-Chink- The Bill Roll- The Burned Bill- The Hell Tear- The Crying Quarte
Part Number: DVDTM3EXP

Effects Included:

- Piano Matches
- Vanishing Comb
- Mind Reading
- Double Drawer Matches
- Dropped Box Matches
- Broken and Restored Band
- Two-Match Transfer
- Bill to Matches
- Chink-a-Chink
- The Bill Roll
- The Burned Bill
- The Hell Tear
- The Crying Quarter
- Collar Coin Vanish
- Vanishing Penny
- Stern Paper Fold
- Coin Thru Pants
- Pencil Coin Vanish
- Travelling Match #2
- Cellophane Surprise
- Coin Thru Hand
- Swallowing a Knife
- Stretching the Arm
- Removable Finger
- Removable Thumb
- T.V. Coin Production
- Glass Thru Table
- Smoke Cocktail
- Paul Harris' Fizz Master

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