"Magic Castle: probably a good example of a magic shop. Books, cards, props, you name it here. Locating on 3rd or 4th floor of Orchard Plaza. Keep in mind that they have their operating hours. I strongly recommend to look at their website for more information." (full review on The Magic Cafe)

"Magic Castle is one of my favourite places in town, literally! The staffs are friendly chaps, sincere, and always ever ready to answer any questions. Having started out as a newbie, Magic Castle has progressively open my eyes to magic, and also guided me in various aspects. For that, I am eternally grateful and blessed!

In my opinion, the Unique Selling Proposition for Magic Castle is their honesty. They had dished out countless tips and advice for me, and I recalled on many occasions whereby they had actually told me to avoid getting certain products despite my initial persistence and my newbie mentality. They are also very patient people and an extra plus point is that the folks at Magic Castle do not "hard sell". This is an attribute I truly cherish.

Jay also goes the extra mile to help me out on numerous occasions. I have personally felt that he is an individual who is very efficient, knowledgeable and has the personal touch when dealing with clients. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate magician or a professional, I am definitely sure Magic Castle has something for you!

Rock on! 3 Cheers to Magic Castle!"
Justin Chua, Author: The Millionaire Story - From Rags to Riches

"Thank YOU for making this AWESOME store that has AWESOME service with AWESOME prices! Without you guys, I wouldn't be surprising people at parties anytime soon!"
Kim Ng Kong Yeow, Student

"What makes Magic Castle different from others is their very personalized service. Whatever effects or props you need, Magic Castle is able to get for you with minimal waiting time. They are also able to teach you hands on and give you customized coaching on the various sleights with valuable tips for professionals and amateur magicians as well as hobbyists. With a real brick and mortar shop, you don't have to worry about excess shipping costs and crappy knock-offs as the knowledgeable and friendly staff will advise you on the effects that you have been saving your hard-earned money to buy."
Frankie Malachi, Mascot and Puppets Specialist

"My first visit to Magic Castle was a very enriching and wonderful experience. The owners of Magic Castle made me feel very welcomed as they opened the Castle one hour prior to their official operating hours to receive me when they learned that I was visiting them. They also took time to understand my interests, show me many of their products and answer my queries one at a time. They had plenty of knowledge and experience in magic, and were willing to share them with me. As a result, I have learned more about magic from the visit alone. Though I am only a little boy, they have treated me just as they would treat a friend or an adult customer. I am very impressed with the excellent customer service Magic Castle has provided, and hope to be able to visit them again soon."
Dean Wong, Winner of OKTO TV's One Minute Of Fame!

"More than a shop with good service, Magic Castle is one with good value. Items are competitively priced and orders are always promptly processed. Magic castle is more than a magic shop, it is a magic school. The extremely knowledgeable Jay adds a personal touch to all customers by charting their magic education. He then recommends appropriate products to your level of expertise in magic. After sales, he guides you in the nuances of performance for maximum impact. As a teacher by profession and a customer for 8 years, you can trust my take on his teaching. Magic Castle: highly recommended for a quality magic education."
William, Teacher

"Visiting Magic Castle allows one to have an experience that no other brick and mortar magic shop can offer. Regardless of the type of practitioner one chooses to be, Magic Castle serves as a comprehensive one-stop hub to meet an extensive host of magic needs, ranging from the procurement of the latest props and DVDs, learning and teaching the art of conjuring, after-sales services to receiving performing tips and advice. If there ever was a local holy grail for magic excellence in retailing, personalized services, learning and teaching, Magic Castle takes the pie. Bar None!
Wan, Teacher

"I’ve been a customer of Magic Castle since 1995. It was here that got me started in magic. The very first time I walked into the shop, I could feel the warmth, sincerity and friendliness from the people. Magic Castle provides the best platform for both beginners as well as professionals. In fact, I owe it to their grooming that made me the professional magician I am today. Their customer base has grown tremendously over years. That should be enough to tell you how good they are. Well done!"
Rudy, Professional Magician

"When I buy from online shops, its simply because its cheap. With no overheads to cover, they can pass the savings on to us. But I still go to physical shops because of the service, range and guidance. But now that Magic Castle has an online shop supporting its physical one, and they can still press prices of products till so low (most prices are even cheaper than other online and physical shop), I will never ever go anywhere else but here! Thanks!"
Ariff Bin Salam, Technician

"I have been learning all my magic from Magic Castle since the age of 20. I'm now 29 years old. It's quite an experience for me to advance from a person who knows nothing about magic to someone who's able to perform to my family and friends. Knowing a secret is nothing impressive but performing is the key. Over at Magic Castle, I learnt the proper way to perform and the correct method to project a magic trick. All I can say Magic Castle is the best place to pick up magic skills. Truly a place for every magic lovers.

I have been to all the magic shops in Singapore and non is comparable to Magic Castle. Fantastic service, best pricing and furnished with all the latest products. BEST magic shop in Singapore.
Daniel Lok, SAF Pilot

"I used to hate going to magic shops because they are always trying to sell you anything they can find just to make a sale until I was told by my friend to go to Magic Castle. My experience in Magic Castle really opened up my eyes to magic. Very professional and the best part is that they will never sell you something you don't need. Magic Castle, THANK YOU!!!"
Wilson Wong, Sales Manager

"MAGIC CASTLE is the best!!!! The demonstrator is really patient towards teaching. In the past whenever I perform magic for my friends, they said its very kiddy. But now they told me my magic looks very professional. I joined the membership 2 months ago. Most of my friends are members now too. Best magic teachers in Singapore.
Kelvin Lim, Student

Ben & Joan, Self-employed & Events Manager

"Magic Castle I have only one thing to say: keep up the excellent work."
Zulkifli, Bartender

"I have been a customer of Magic Castle for 12 years and now my son is picking up the hobby too. Great way to spend time with my son. If not for magic castle, I might have given up magic long time ago. If you looking for someone to guide you, look no further because this is the place to be. Going to Magic Castle is like going to a candy shop. It helps my son and me bond more closely. Magic is a wonderful hobby. Something I'm writing on behalf of my son: "See you soon uncle magic!"
Mr Koh, Driver

"I have been a member of Magic Castle for 3 months and I have learnt a lot. They are really patient and their teaching is very in-depth. My friends can't believe I have progress so much in such a short time. Once you step into Magic Castle and will never need to go another magic shop again."
Jeremy Tay

"I started learning magic a few years ago. But Magic Castle had guided me so well over the years that a hobby of mine had turn into an extra stream of income. I've progressed to performing magic semi-professionally. I do about 2 to 3 shows per weekend and I still have a day job. Stepping into your shop many years ago have really change my life and of course, my income. So here is a big THANK YOU!!!"
James Lee, Sales Engineer

"I used to think that Magic is all about lies and deception. But Magic Castle have shown me that it's a lot more than that. Presentation, misdirection and approach, these are the areas which I have learnt in magic and also applied on myself. Of course, my personal life has improved dramatically! What is the number one magic shop in Singapore? MAGIC CASTLE!!!"
Lim Keng Meng, SAF Regular

"I've always been an introvert. I don't like mixing around with people mainly because I have low self-esteem. But all this started to change when I stumbled upon Magic Castle. From then on I started to learn to perform magic and this gave me the drive to interact with people. Slowly but surely, my circle of friends expanded. The teachings here are well cover and very detailed."
Desmond Tan

"I've been a customer of Magic Castle for 2 years.. My intention of visiting Magic Castle for the first time was only to buy a deck of cards. But when I entered the shop, the person shared with me so much about magic and the very next day, without much hesitation, I returned to sign up for membership. It was the best decision ever. He was kind, patience and most importantly, honest. If there was a particular trick that I was not sure of the handling, he'll be there to guide me all the way until I had mastered it. Magic Castle is the best compared to other magic shops I've been to. They provide good service and their prices are very reasonable. In the past, they didn't have a website, so they can only SMS us about the upcoming items and the latest arrivals. Now there's an official website which we can visit to view and purchase from .. YAY! Thank You Magic Castle for letting me know Miracles can happen!"
Chua Yuan Kiat, Student
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