Our Foundations of Magic Workshop offers an introduction to sleight of hand magic, psychology of magic and showmanship. 

Our workshops are customized to make the best use of the student's time, skills and interests. They last about 1 h 15 min each, although the first session might go a little over that, since we need to assess skills and interests. 

Classes are one on one, but if you are interested in taking the class with a friend, we have special rates for that, as long as both people are learning the same material. We can also arrange for group classes, as long as everybody in the group is OK with learning the same tricks. 

We mostly give lessons over the weekend, but we can arrange to give them almost at any time during store hours, as long as we have enough staff in the store that day to cover counter demonstrations, etc.

All of our teachers are experienced magicians working full or part-time. Depending on what material you were looking to learn we would pair you up with a teacher. 

Right now we have students that come in for lessons once a week, once a month or a couple times a year, as need arises. Some people want to learn one specific thing, and they come once or more times until they are happy with their performance. Some people want to learn new things every week. All we have to do is find out what kind of magic you would like to learn, what days work best for you, and we can take it from there.

Here is what our participants have to say about Foundations of Magic Workshop:

"I didn’t know magic can be this fun! Thank you for your inspiration and guidance." Tan Yeo Hong

"What’s nice about this workshop is it has all right here in one place, simple to read and no gimmicks. Perfect! " Mohammed Ismail

"I am very happy with the tricks, they are suitable for me. And I will recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get started in magic." Michael Liao

"I really enjoyed your workshop very much. The whole workshop is very well designed and everything is clearly explained. It has given me the motivation to go further in my interest in this hobby." Geraldine

  • if you know nothing about magic
  • if you have learnt from your friends and still not getting it
  • if you are tried and got lost in how to start learning magic
  • if you do not know where and how to begin magic
  • if you want to fine tune your magic performance
  • if you want to entertain your family or friends
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All participants of Foundations of Magic Workshop will get the following:
  1. Magic Castle Lifetime Membership - Here at Magic Castle, we aim to provide only the best. ($65.00 value)
  2. Member prices for all of our products. Enjoy up to 50% off regular price*.
  3. In-depth performance tips and pointers provided by our experienced demonstrator on how to fine-tune your magic for maximum effectiveness.
* conditions apply