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Chris Philpott

Narcissus (Multi-Language) by Chris Philpott - Trick

Narcissus (Multi-Language) by Chris Philpott - Trick

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"Brilliant! 99%!"
- Sean Heydon, Wizard Product Review

"A remarkable set of discs. Excellent!"
- Genii Magazine

"An interactive mentalism masterpiece!"
- Ning Cai

"Fantastic! Phenomenal! Get it! It's worth every penny!"
- Magic World Reviews

"This is what the mystery arts should be about!"
- Joshua Quinn

Finally, the 100th Monkey principle goes close-up - and Global!

Now available in French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Powerful effects by Chris Philpott. In each, a picture of a spectator taken on their own phone magically changes under the most impossible conditions!

Easy-to-perform effects that are unlike anything your audiences have ever seen.

Effects that are as memorable as they are impossible - and as moving as they are amazing.

The effects on this 2 DVD set are:

The Fortune Teller (available in all 12 languages)
You give your volunteer a card with a picture of a "haunted" fortune teller machine on one side and Romani (Gypsy) writing on the other. You borrow a cell phone and take a picture of the spectator holding the card - but when they look at the photo, the Romani words have changed to your language and they give the spectator's fortune! It is uncannily accurate and can even predict a chosen card!

Unhypnotized (available in all 12 languages)
As you begin to hypnotize someone, you discover that she is already hypnotized! Then the magic begins... A beautiful, empowering effect.

No Art (available in all 12 languages)
A spell from Harry Potter reveals a secret thought. You ask a spectator to think of a thing and then you have them hold a card that says, "I am thinking of a thing." You cast the "Aparecium" revealing spell from Harry Potter and now when they look at the picture, their secret thought is visible.

The Pledge (available in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish.)
You ask a spectator to pledge to assert their free will by posing for a photo holding a card pledging they will make a free choice. When they next look at the photo, it has perfectly predicted their actions.

I Want to See My Future (available in German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish.)
Predicting the future is a dangerous thing, and sometimes people get mad at the prophet for what he reveals. So, to verify a spectator's consent, you take a picture of her holding a card that reads, "I want to see my future!" But when she looks at the photo, the words on the card have changed to reveal her future in a surprising, accurate and funny way.

Up to now, all 100th Monkey effects have been designed for stage (with workarounds for close-up situations). This is the first time that these kinds of effects are designed specifically for close-up situations (though now there are workarounds for stage work).
Includes pre-printed cards, written instructions in all 12 languages, English-only video instructions, and over 600 print-at-home jpegs!

Note: this edition does not include English cards or jpegs.

"Chris Philpott's Narcissus takes his 100th Monkey genius to a new level that will leave audiences speechless! Highly recommended!"
- Brett Barry

"The power of 100 Monkeys is always with you, anywhere, anytime, plus it will be a memento that the audience will have with them for all their life!"
- Luca Volpe

"Chris does it again! Narcissus explores my favorite application for the 100th Monkey principle. I'm loving this!"
- Ran Pink
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