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Magic By Gosh

Spongeball Toolbox w/DVD - Trick

Spongeball Toolbox w/DVD - Trick

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This toolbox contains everything you need: Props, Sponge Balls, Purse Frame, and a DVD with over 2 hours of personal instructions by Steve Darci, "The Fastest Hands in the World". It's the ultimate collection of the bet and most useful sponge ball moves, routines and advice for all skill levels, some of them never before revealed.

Routine for every performing situation, from a planned, organized show to an impromptu routine that can be performed in a moments notice.

Steve has chosen a wide range of mind-blowing tricks and routines and called upon some of his professional performer pals to share some of their favorite moves and routines.

Special Guests: George Schindler, David Ginn, Dan Garrett, Pat Page, Gary Darwin, Frank Zak, and Albert Goshman
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