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Real Magicians RYOTA and CEGCHI have teamed up and created new cube magic! 

A small mixed Rubik's Cube is shown to the spectator. 

Then the magician magically starts to solve it right in front of their eyes without touching it! This is Cube: Impossible

"An impossible situation and an entertaining plot makes this trick great! Plus, the fact you can hand it out to be examined is killer. A comical, and powerful trick that you will love!" 
- Takamiz Usui

"A trick with a high-quality Rubik's Cube that comes in a perfect box." 
- Michael Lam

"Cube: Impossible is a fun pocket trick. It's easy to carry, fun to watch, and great for casual social moments." 
- Will Tsai

In store! Limited quantity.


Perform Rubik's Cube miracles that seem absolutely impossible to your audience! Spectators are astounded! 

Proudly presented by Harry G and Magiclism Store, Real Cube is a complete set of props with amazing routines. It packs small and plays big! 

Gimmicks are made to look identical to the original Rubik's Cube.

  • Durable and reliable.
  • Viewable from all angles.
  • Matte finish stickers - these maximize visibility under spotlight.
  • Routines with a range of difficulties to suit all levels of performers.

In store!



D'Angelo's Touch has been Rafael's best-kept secret for many years, and now he has finally decided to share it with the mentalism and magic community. 

D'Angelo's Touch is a real-time PK Touch that you can perform anytime and anywhere without using any gimmicks or threads. And, you can also be completely surrounded! 

Imagine pointing your finger at any part of your spectator's body, and immediately he will raise his hand to confirm he felt a touch!

In store now!


Chris Kenworthey and Mark Mason Present EYEPHONE

The really, really SMART phone.

The trick EVERYONE was talking about at the Blackpool Magic Convention. 

In store now!



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