Zero Experience Required

At Magic Castle, we conduct 1-to-1 classes that can be customized to suit your specific learning needs. If you would like to sign up with a friend, that's possible too!

Classes are taught in a facilitative rather than an instructional style. We will teach you not just the magic tricks, but also discuss with you the effects of magic, and how to perform to a live audience.

By the end of the lessons, a magical bond will be built, and you will be well-connected to the Magic Castle community of magic enthusiasts and professionals!

p.s. we now also run extra-curricular classes at UWCSEA and Dover Court International, so if your school is interested in bringing magic to your students, let us know too!

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  • Gain Personal Confidence

    Magic is a performing art. It builds confidence and improves self-esteem. Go from being the shy one in class to being the fun one in the auditorium!

  • Amaze Friends and Families

    There's no better way to entertain your loved ones than to learn magic tricks that will blow your friends and families' minds!

  • Impress Everyone

    With magic, breaking the ice and making a strong impression in any social setting would be a piece of cake! Want to catch someone's attention? Work your magic, literally!

Children pick up important life-skills while having fun!

Learning magic equip young people with seven most important life-skills for success in all aspects of life, including school, relationships, and work.

These are:

1. Focus and Self-Control - Achieve more in a noisy and distraction-filled world.

2. Perspective-taking - Thinking from others' points-of-view.

3. Communication - Be able to conduct high-touch personal interaction.

4. Make Connections - See patterns among seemingly disparate objects.

5. Critical Thinking - Analyze problems and challenge assumptions.

6. Taking on Challenges - Being able to be courageous in the face of demanding tasks.

7. Self-directed and Engaged Learning - Greater self-awareness and independently seek out ways to achieve goals.

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  • My son is having awesome time at Magic Castle! I must say he has develop better communication skills, and confidence level increase tremendously after all the guidance and practices from this magical world! He's not shy to impress our family members with all that he has learnt. It's amazing to watch his performance out of the ground by MAGIC!

    - Joanne Soh

  • Can cater different level difficulty of tricks for audience. Very enjoyable workshop! My kid loves it!

    - Angeline Chiok

  • We sent our gals to Magic Castle once a week during last March school holidays. The day would be their most des[erate day of the week. Mr. Kim is their idol. Every time after the class, I can see their smiley face coming out from the class and last whole night long. They can't wait to perform their new tricks to us every time after the class. Magic Castle every time will prepare the props readily for the student and simple props but amazing tricks. Mr. Kim being so patient, funny and coaching in details to the student to perform and practice the tricks. And he will provide a quick review on the kid's tricks learned on last week and give adjustment on that. The overall experience in Magic Castle is superb. 3 Thumbs up!

    - Weibing Yu

  • This workshop has the right combination of simple to perform tricks with and without gimmicks. Perfect!

    - Mohammed Ismail

  • Brought my child for a 2 hour magic lesson with Kim. He was very patient and engaging so my child had a blast and enjoyed learning magic!

    Kim was very nice and after the lesson, he performed a variety of magic tricks for us so that we could get a chance to experience magic in its different forms.He also took the time and effort to recommend decks of cards which I
    inquired about.

    Just like that, we spent an enjoyable 3 hours in the shop and left with smiles on our faces.

    Highly recommended!!

    - Ronald Lee

  • Kids went for a magic course conducted by Magician Kim. The kids loved the course so much. Kim and Isaac went the extra mile to show the kids n me more tricks. It was such an enjoyable afternoon. Will be signing up for more sessions.

    - Gokki, A.

  • I am very happy with the tricks, they are suitable for me. I will recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get started in magic.

    - Michael Liao

  • I didn’t know magic can be this fun! The whole workshop is very well designed and everything is clearly explained. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance.

    - Tan Yeo Hong