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Close-up File by Jerry Mentzer - Book

Close-up File by Jerry Mentzer - Book

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CLOSE-UP FILE is a collection of magic which uses no playing cards. This larger collection of magic contains 35 complete routines in 195 pages and is profusely illustrated with line drawings. 

Jerry Mentzer has written numerous books of magic including the well-known Close-Up Cavalcade and Card Cavalcade series. Previous books contained some of the finest close-up magic of the day.

CLOSE-UP FILE emphasizes complete effects as opposed to moves and sleights. Where moves and sleights are described, they are used in the effects described. The card magic ranges from very easy, nearly self-working tricks through the gamut of tricks requiring standard skills, to advanced magic which requires skills which will be new to most readers.

Most of the tricks described can be performed with props most magicians already have on hand. Much of the book»s content is previously unpublished. 

The close-up magician should find many tricks and ideas of immediate interest and use!

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