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Illusion Concepts - Devin Knight

Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread by Devin Knight - ebook

Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread by Devin Knight - ebook

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This is probably the best book ever written on headline predictions. It describes, in detail, the methods behind the two greatest headline predictions ever performed. The first one was performed by mentalist Robert Nelson in 1947, and was known as the Miracle Prediction of the Age. It achieved worldwide publicity overnight.

In 1985, Devin Knight ala Jason Michael, did the Ultimate Headline Prediction and achieved worldwide publicity and fame overnight. In fact, it achieved more publicity than any other headline prediction in the history of magic.

Both of these predictions generated publicity worth millions of dollars. The basic effect to the public was the same, but the methods were different. The ideas in this PDF are not pipe dreams, but the exact, proven methods used by both Devin Knight and Robert Nelson to generate FREE publicity worth millions. He shows you how to do the same.

Both predictions seemed to be tamper-proof. The basic effect to the public is that the performer approaches a public official with an entourage of reporters. He gives the official a folded paper containing predictions of the future. He has the official sign the outside of the predictions to ensure they cannot be switched. The official is given a small metal box and is told to put a secret mark, known only to him, on the inside. He is then to place the signed predictions inside, close the box, and wire it shut.

This box is then marked on the outside by reporters to ensure it cannot be switched. Under the careful eye of the committee, the metal box is taken to a bakery. The metal box is baked inside a loaf of bread, along with identifying articles placed there by reporters to ensure the bread cannot be switched. This bread is then placed in a clear Lucite box, which is sealed and signed by the reporters.

This box with the bread is placed in a store window for the public to view until the predictions in the bread are to be revealed. The bread is not touched or tampered with by the performer or anyone else from then on.

The bread is brought to the show by police escort to ensure that nothing can be tampered with. The committee comes on stage while the performer stands on the other side, never coming close to the bread. The committee examines the bread and makes sure it is intact. It is slowly torn apart, checking that every fiber is still intact. The metal tin is removed and checked to make sure it is still sealed and hasn't been tampered with. The official opens it, makes sure his secret mark is there, and then opens and reads the predictions that he signed. THE PREDICTIONS ARE FOUND TO BE CORRECT.

This is a headline prediction done under test conditions that seem to make it impossible for the predictions to be tampered with.

In Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread, you get full details on how to duplicate this feat. Nothing left to the imagination. Every nuance is covered. During the 1960s, Robert Nelson sold the secret of his prediction for $50.00. In today's dollars, that would be $400.00. That is how valuable he thought the secret was. In this PDF, you get the entire text, updated by Devin Knight. Also, part of the method developed by Nelson, is not practical nowadays. Devin has updated the method to ensure modern day mentalists can do this without a hitch.

You also get Devin's Ultimate Headline Prediction, updated with the latest information you need.

As a bonus, you get valuable insights, by Devin Knight, that will help ensure you get the most publicity possible. He has never revealed these before. If you want to become world famous as a mentalist, this Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread eBook could help you achieve your goal.
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