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Paul Romhany

Lunch Is Served by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe - Book

Lunch Is Served by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe - Book

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Sixty different routines compiled by Paul Romhany and TC Tahoe, with additional routines by eighteen other magicians from around the world, including Banachek, Kenton Knepper, Gerard, Richard Webster, Joe Givan, and Wayne Rogers.

This book is a compendium of creative approaches to a single principle, a principle dedicated to changing the characteristics of an object that has been signed by a spectator. The trick "Out to Lunch" is generally treated, appropriately, as a comedic trifle, but in this book you will find a multitude of approaches, plots and presentation that take the principle to places that you have perhaps not explored or even imagined. Holes moves, signatures jump, bills transport. Truly magical moments are crafted from this workhorse of a principle, one that is exceptionally simple, but deceptively so.

Pages 188 - Softbound
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