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Sorcier Magic

Mutilated Parasol (Deluxe) by Amazo Magic

Mutilated Parasol (Deluxe) by Amazo Magic

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The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of newspaper.

The magician then displays six colored silks and places them in a bag or a bag with a handle.

After a magical gesture, from the bag is pulled out of the beach mat or newspaper that covered the umbrella shown at the beginning. Mysteriously, instead of the umbrella being inside, now six sticks are removed, each attached to a silk previously inserted into the bag!

This is a high quality product, made of aluminum and stainless steel. A classic of stage magic. The sticks measure approximately 80 centimeters.

Comes with six 12" silks for the battens, and an extra towel.

Instructions also included. 

NOTE: You will need to provide 6 of your own matching 12" silks. 
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