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Joel Dickinson

One in Six by Joel Dickinson - ebook

One in Six by Joel Dickinson - ebook

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One in Six - Stage and Close-Up

Three participants sit on stage.

An object is passed between the participants. They are told to stop when it feels right for them and to hold out their arms with closed fists. Only one hand contains the object.
  • The magician knows which participant is holding the object and you reveal which hand it is in.
  • Then, as a second kick, your prediction proves to be correct.
  • You then perform an amazing drawing duplication with a volunteer.
  • You reveal their star sign with no guess work or progressive anagrams, no preshow work, and no dual reality. You are correct.
It's easy to do and leaves lots of room for showmanship.

You don't have to go close to the participants. There's no "truth teller or liar," and no questions are asked.

This is practical and... guess work electronics magnets stooges pre-show work

This includes a built-in star sign divination that is guaranteed to stump your audience.

It also includes a two-person close-up variation.

In 2013, Joel won The North Western Stage Magic Championship with this routine alone.

This is a full stage routine with many strong hits in a short amount of time. There is minimal effort from the magician.

One in Six has been performed many times by Joel Dickinson and it gets big reactions! It can for you, too!

Includes an additional contribution by Michael Murray.
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