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Paul Harris Presents

Paul Harris Presents Warp One/Freedom Pack Double Astonishments by Justin Miller & David Jenkins - Trick

Paul Harris Presents Warp One/Freedom Pack Double Astonishments by Justin Miller & David Jenkins - Trick

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Whenever you feel like it, do a killer Ambitious Card sequence... then BAM! ...the box INSTANTLY appears surrounding the deck! Remove the box, hand out the deck. You now have the freedom to do any other card effect... like Warp One.

Freedom Pack ALWAYS leaves you with a normal, ready-to-perform deck!


Complete with Justin Miller's Freedom Pack Gimmick. (NOTE: Supply our own regular deck in this version.)

Warp One is a completely re-wired version of Roy Walton's classic Card Warp. The big news? David removes the cover card and performs the entire illusion in full view!

You fold a single, normal card in half and the single card visibly turns inside out! First half the card, then the other half... then the card turns completely inside out and then back to half and half.

You end by tearing the warped card in half and handing out the pieces for examination. All you need is a single card and your bare fingers to permanently warp your audience's sense of reality!

And yes... It's an astonishing lead-in to FREEDOM PACK.


Includes David's special Warp One handling for restoring the card AND Warp One with a business card.


"I seem to get better reactions from Warp One than any other Card Warp I've done before. The handling is smooth and the fact that you start and finish with just one card blows people away. Thank you, David, for such an excellent handling and adding such a wonderful effect to my act."
- Random_ Hajile

"WONDERFUL job, David. Watched the demo twice, I was so impressed. I've been doing versions of Card Warp like many others, for years, but I LOVE the new handling you have created, and only 1 card. Highly recommended."
- Smitty

"Warp One is a must have for anyone who performs the original... I've already performed it a handful of times and the routine just flows smoothly and everyone just can't believe what they're seeing... David Ren Jenkins did a great job with this effect...!"
- Alan Patrick

"I love the traditional Card Warp, but Warp One has so many exclusive moves that make it different and unique. I gotta get it! Awesome job!"
- Steve Landavaso

"I originally thought, 'Oh, great. Another lame reworking of a classic trick.' Boy, was I completely wrong. This thing is fantastic. David Ren Jenkins has done an amazing job with this effect. I'm embarrassed that I didn't know of his reputation before. I have always liked Card Warp but I never do it. Well, I will now! It's actually not difficult to do at all but, like anything, it will take some practice to make it look magical. Highly Recommended."
- Cameron Francis

"David Ren Jenkins does a great job explaining every phase of the effect on the DVD and includes his restoration phase that's not shown on the demo. IMO, Warp One is easily one of the most visual, almost 'impromptu' effects with a single playing card/business card."
- Bosco


"This is definitely a worker's trick -- almost an instant reset. As far as the box goes- the only thing I can say is that you can customize any box to work- the minor discrepancy in using the new bikes box most likely will go unnoticed. The bonus trick that comes with this 'Brain Freeze' is AWESOME! I HIGHLY recommend this- this is one of my top purchases recently (and I purchase a lot). Great Work JM!"

"I took it out with friends and it went down really well. I sat on the box after it had been in the back pocket. One reason I'd never take Extractor on a night out. This thing is so cheap to put together that I had an inexhaustible supply of Freedom Packs at home. 3 minutes to make a new one."
- Russpie

"Something that I will use everyday"
- Miracle Makers

"I got my cards out, took them out of the box and the box vanished. After a few card tricks this girl was just staring like in some kind of trance. By this time, I was set up for Freedom Pack. I asked her what's wrong? She said where did the card box go? I said right here and did Freedom Pack. I love it when tricks end up working out just right."
- Shawn D

"Wow it's fantastic! Great for walkaround bloody genius. Am I gushing too much?"
- Andykean

"Finally! Got it in the mail and was performing it for my girlfriend shortly thereafter. I can never do anything right when I perform something for my girlfriend... but when the magic happened... 'WHAT!? That's Crazy!' Girlfriend approved."
- Blindside 785

"I love your Freedom Pack. I always carry my cards in one of your packs - and if I pull out my deck, I do Freedom Pack somewhere in the routine. It never fails to kill. Favorite trick I've bought in at least a year."
- J100Taylor

"Freedom Pack has been one of the two closing effects I do for a card routine ever since I got it."
- Digiassn
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