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Jonathan Royle

Supermarket Sweep - Comedy Mentalism Hits the High Street by Jonathan Royle - Mixed Media Download

Supermarket Sweep - Comedy Mentalism Hits the High Street by Jonathan Royle - Mixed Media Download

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Based on the one-time hit television game show, "Super-Market Sweep," which is set to return to TV worldwide during 2018, this is a feature comedy mentalism routine with numerous powerful built-in moments of astonishment and automatic applause cues.

Involving numerous audience members, this is audience participation and situational comedy at its best. And, it's combined with some hard-hitting mentalism along the way.

The audience will witness the following:

1) Various items (12 in total) that could be bought on the high-street are shown and used as a vehicle, reason, and excuse to deliver various comical one-liner jokes.

2) Half of these items (6 in total) are freely eliminated and discarded by a random audience member.

3) Six people are then randomly chosen (perhaps by throwing a ball around) from the audience and are asked to come up to the stage area.

4) Seven celebrity face masks are shown and mixed up. Then, each of the six volunteers randomly and freely picks a celebrity face mask and puts it on, leaving of course one mask that is left over at the end.

5) At this stage, each of the "celebrities" can unexpectedly come to life and start acting like their face mask characters. For example, "Michael Jackson" might do the Moon Walk. When asked questions, the people react and respond as might the celebrities they have become. This can produce huge laughs and situational comedy. In fact, it resembles the reactions of people in a comedy stage hypnosis show, yet no hypnosis is involved.

6) Each "celebrity" is then asked to freely choose one of six shopping baskets, each of which has different colored handles.

7) They are then in turn asked to freely select an item to place into their shopping basket.

8) Whilst they are picking which items to put in their baskets, the performer draws the audience's attention to a miniature shopping trolley on his table and makes them aware that inside the trolley is a mysterious envelope. This envelope contains a prediction that will become important later.

9) Each of the volunteers is given a single numbered card (from 1 to 6) that matches the color of their shopping basket.

10) All 6 people then freely select a discount shopping voucher, which is placed safely into their pocket.

11) Each participant then randomly selects a price to indicate the cost of the item that they freely chose and placed into their shopping basket.

12) Next, each person freely chooses a plastic carrier bag from a random high street shop that they could have visited during their shopping trip.

13) A die (which can be examined if so desired to prove it's not loaded, etc.) is then introduced and tossed by another audience member to generate a random number from 1 to 6. The person holding that number is eliminated and leaves the stage.

14) This elimination of a person is repeated 4 more times until a total of five people have been eliminated. Just one person is left on stage wearing a celebrity face mask, holding a shopping basket, etc.

15) The prediction that has been on full view at all times is then removed from the miniature shopping trolley. One by one, it is revealed that you, the performer, have correctly predicted...

a) Exactly which famous celebrity would be the winner left on stage of the game show tonight.

b) Exactly what random product they purchased.

c) Where they purchased it from, based on their chosen plastic bag's store name.


When the amount you have predicted they would have spent is read out, this is seen NOT to match the price they freely selected -- this gets a huge laugh from the audience...

d) However, you then remember that everyone freely selected a discount store voucher. You ask the person to remove the one they selected from their pocket. When the value of this is deducted from the price they generated for their purchase, the final price proves to be a 100% Match! This generates a huge final applause.

The products and objects used can be changed at every show, as can the celebrity face masks and comedy lines. This is therefore a hugely adaptable and commercial routine that can be 100% topical and up-to-date at every event.

And for corporate events, you could even use products that the client manufactures and/or sells. The client will appreciate that you have specially created this routine just for them!
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